Focus Monthly Lenses

Focus Monthly Lenses are a more affordable choice than the Focus Daily Lenses. If you want high quality and low cost, then Focus Monthly Lenses are an option to consider. Because you can wear these lenses for longer periods of time, you only have to buy a limited number of lenses. This results in an overall lower cost.

Focus Monthly Lenses typically offer promotional deals. The typical deal will allow you to mail in a rebate coupon and receive cash back. Right now, the brand is offering a $40 rebate on the purchase of a box of Focus Monthly Lenses.

A winning feature of the Focus Monthlies is their thin design. The Focus brand is renowned for providing contact lenses that are thin and do not overwhelm the eye. There is a feeling of freshness when wearing these contact lenses. There is no rubbing of the eyes with this type of contact lens.

While these contact lenses may be renowned for comfort and clarity, the comfort factor can change depending on how one uses the contact lenses. The makers of these lenses recommend that wearers do not sleep in these contact lenses. Sleeping in Focus Monthlies can result in eye irritation, red eyes, and bacterial infections. Also, the makers of this brand recommend throwing away a pair of Focus Monthlies after 30 days. After 30 days, a person can be prone to the same bacterial infections if he or she continues to wears the lenses.

Another benefit of Focus Monthlies is their ease of use. Each pair of Focus Monthlies has a tiny light blue line printed across it. This blue line is not visible when one wears the lenses. The blue line helps a person to locate the contact lenses when they are contained in solution and a contact case.